About us

About Armon

We are a family company founded in 1999 and specialised in dynamic arm supports. Our products help people with limited arm function, physical work complaints, or during rehabilitation.


The daughter of the founder was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). At that time, no suitable product was available. Armon Products was founded, and after six years of development we launched an arm support that really made a difference. Today, we sell our products on every continent in more than forty countries


We are committed to finding the right solution for you, even if it needs to be customized. Helping you is our main goal, and we do that by giving you honest advice, expert guidance and great service. Not only prior to purchase, but especially afterwards.


Our team is committed to help every user, anywhere in the world. We take the time to listen and communicate fast. We have a high service level, with fast delivery and repair times.


The Armon R&D team is constantly working to integrate new technologies and develop state of the art medical devices. 


We supply and collaborate with knowledge institutions, academic hospitals, and universities worldwide. This allows us to implement the latest technology in our products.

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Armon Products supplies research institutes, academic hospitals and universities worldwide for education and research purposes.