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Continuing to do daily things independently.

Marian is very happy with her Edero

I am very satisfied with the Edero for my left arm. Because I have little to no muscle strength in my left arm, I used to do all daily things with my right arm. However, I also use my right hand to operate my wheelchair. Because I can now use my left arm better with the help of the Edero, I also have fewer symptoms in my neck and right wrist. I can do small household chores with both hands, but also, for example, read a book with the book in my hands and not with the book lying on the table in front of me.

In short, I am very happy with my Edero.

I have been able to regain a lot of independence and freedom of movement thanks to my arm support.

When I was first introduced to the Edero by Armon I was immediately sold.

I had been using another arm support for some time, but I could not get the hang of the electrical controls. During a support event in Utrecht I came across the Sarkow stand where they let me test Armon’s Edero. I am not exaggerating when I say that from that moment on my life was enriched. I have a progressive muscle disease which causes my muscles to deteriorate more and more. For some time, I could do practically nothing with my arms. Thanks to the Edero from Armon I could eat and drink independently again, I could put my glasses on and off by myself, and many more things that I had been unable to do for a long time became possible again.

The table clamps and the arm rests have since then been fixed parts of our furniture and they are indispensable in our travel luggage.

I had an adaptation company make attachment points on my wheelchairs and a friend with a technical knack adapted my stand-up chair. The last modification was done by the Armon distributor and they made my tripp/work chair suitable for the Edero so I am no longer tied to one place in the house.

Because of my muscle disease I can’t do many things that involve physical exertion, but still … I have been able to regain a lot of independence and freedom of movement thanks to my arm support and I am very grateful for that. I couldn’t live without it anymore.

Without the help from others

Moris always has his Edero with him

I have been using the Edero for a few months now. I had an operation on my back which made it difficult for me to eat. Through the Edero I can eat and drink by myself without help from others. In addition, it is nice that this armrest is mounted to my wheelchair so that I always have the Edero with me. Thus, the Edero makes my daily life a lot easier. I would like to continue using the Edero for a long time to come!

Being able to draw again made me very happy

User experience at tthe Jean Lagarde at Ramonville-Saint-Agne, Frankrijk

I have the Edero system at the Jean Lagarde center. It allowed one of my patients to rediscover the pleasure of drawing with a pencil that he had gradually lost. We were able to make a small exhibition of his drawings.

Hear how the Edero Arm Support has improved Tommy's arm mobility, joy, and confidence, according to his mother and therapist.

Hear Tommy’s mother and occupational therapist talk about how the Adero Arm Support has not only helped Tommy to achieve greater mobility in his arm, but has brought him joy and confidence.


Being able to do simple things again, like controlling the remote, is priceless.

Coby explains the added value of her ‘helparm’ the Pura.

When you have a progressive disease, you gradually lose more functionality over the years. Movements which used to be normal are suddenly impossible. When my OT told me about the Pura I was sceptical at first. Could a product give me my independence back? Now that I have it, I am so happy with my ‘helparm’ and can’t do without. I can’t explain how valuable it is to do simple things by yourself again. Scratching my nose, controlling the remote, waving at people, playing with my grandchildren. It’s priceless. 


The Armon Elemento allows me to do activities that other people take for granted and gives me my dignity back. No one can put a price on that!

Chrystal, 20 years United Kingdom.

Chrystal is a vivacious and bubbly 20-year-old with huge ambitions who is planning to go to University in September to study Counseling and Psychology. As a young child, Chrystal was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a rare genetically inherited neuromuscular condition.

As Chrystal’s condition has progressed it has resulted in a deterioration of her upper limb movement. This loss of function has resulted in Chrystal struggling to carry out some everyday activities associated with daily living.

On visiting the Naidex exhibition, Chrystal discovered the Armon Elemento, a dynamic arm support designed specifically to support the users arm and compensate for the loss of strength. What makes this product unique is that the user can easily modify the amount of support their arm is given at any given time ensuring it is useable regardless of how they are feeling.

Chrystal’s local authority funded the purchase of the Elemento and to obtain this provision, Chrystal had to explain that it would enable her to independently eat, drink, brush her hair, put on makeup, work on a tablet  and clean her teeth, all of which reduces the amount of care she requires.

Not only has Chrystal regained her dignity, she is able to use the Elemento for breakfast, lunch and dinner as the ability to change the level of support means regardless of how much strength in her upper limb, she is still able to use it with ease as the controls for the amount of support she requires can be managed with ease with the controls situated neatly on the lap.


So the Armon really makes my life better. Don’t take away my Armon! I don’t want to be handicapped again.

Bianca, Mastenbroek

I am one of the earliest users of the Armon. I’m using the arm support for over 10 years now and I can’t do a day without it.

I have the spinal muscular disease SMA 2 and my arms are so weak that I can hardly move them around, let alone lift them up. The Armon came as a lifesaver, I used up all the tricks, I couldn’t eat for myself anymore. But with the Armon I became a strong woman again! It made me independent again.

I loved to go out with my friends, go see a movie, have a lunch or go out for dinner, but I stopped doing that, because I couldn’t eat independently anymore. And I didn’t want my friends to help me. I definitely didn’t want to be fed like an animal.

But now I can go out and enjoy myself again. If someone offers me a cookie, I can accept. I can go out for a lovely dinner and I even don’t need to use a straw for the soup. I’m even fast enough now to eat ice cream before it melts.

I’m so happy with my Armon. I can brush my teeth, blow my nose when I have a cold, put my glasses on and scratch my head when it itches. Before the Armon I needed help for all those things and now I’m independent again!

The most important thing is of course that I can eat and drink on my own again, but the Armon makes life better in so many ways. Just a simple thing like turning over the pages of a book, or putting a DVD in the player, or getting prints out of the printer. I have a little nephew now and I can feed him, instead of the other way around!

The Armon Salvum ensures that I have a great deal of independence, such as eating and drinking, cooking food and packing things.

My name is Cathry Strijbosch

I have the muscle disease SMA. Due to my muscle disease I get less and less strength, including in my arms. About 14 years ago I became acquainted with the Armon through Bianca (another Armon user). Although I was still able to lift my arm reasonably well, I still chose to request an arm support. This allowed me to use it when I was tired and to ensure that I had enough energy and strength throughout the day to lift/move my arm. Since a few weeks I have the Armon Salvum on my wheelchair. Before I had the Armon Ayura. The Salvum is again a big improvement compared to the Ayura. The control box is a lot smaller and therefore easier to operate/better to place on my wheelchair. The Salvum has now been mounted in such a way that it falls exactly within the wheelbase of my wheelchair, so that I can easily pass through a door. The ability to move the Armon Salvum forward or backward is a lot faster than on the Ayura, which I will use earlier. It is also a huge advantage that the brake jumps more easily. I had to get used to the Salvum again, but that is because they are positioned slightly differently than the Ayura. I consciously chose this, so that the Armon is slightly more inward. After 14 years, I am still very satisfied with my arm support from Armon Products.

The dynamic arm support, it made so much positive changes in my life

Liana can’t live without her arm support

Hi my name is Liana Adam and I have spinal muscular atrophy of type 2. Since 3 years now I’ve been using my dynamic arm support and it made so much positive changes in my life. I was struggling to accomplish the simplest daily task that I needed to do. With my arm support I was able to pursue my passions like singing and do makeup. It allows me to gain power for lifting or holding things that were to heavy for me before. I can redo things and gesture as simple as putting on my glasses , taking a glass of water, doing my makeup , holding my microphone longer for when I do shows ! I can’t live without my arm support and I’m not kidding. I’m always wondering how I lived without it before! 

What an invention, those arm supports.

Liza find the combination of an electrical and mechanical system ideal.

My name is Liza Hagenaars and I have the Muscle Disease SMA Type II. The disease is a progressive disease, which causes my muscles to slowly decrease in strength. 7 years ago I came into contact with the Armon Ayura. For me, this was really an outcome. I chose to support my weakest arm with the Armon. It took a lot of getting used to at the time, but now I can’t live without it. The Armon allows me to use both arms again, so that they are loaded proportionally and I do not get too tired. The combination of an electrical and mechanical system is ideal for me. Since half a year I have the Armon Salvum, which is a lot improved compared to the Ayura. Without the armrest I would not be able to do many things anymore, think of very small, but essential things, such as lifting a glass, eating, putting on your hair, putting on makeup, computer work and much more. 

Recommendation of Armon product to everyone!

Stephan is also less tired due to the Salvum

Hello my name is Stephan Spieker and 8 years ago my occupational therapist came up with the idea of an arm support. Because my arm strength through the progressive muscle disease of Duchenne. (DMD) my arm strength is getting worse. Eating and drinking, pressing elevator buttons became increasingly difficult. I have had the Armon Ayura for 5 years. Recently I got the Armon Salvum. Which functions even better for me and can operate because of the smaller controls. I can now hold a glass in front of my mouth. Take lenses in and out of my eyes. But I am also less tired because I have to use the Armon less force and that I can remain as independent as possible. Once the arm support was broken, I noticed that I immediately could no longer do many things independently. I recommend a product of Armon to everyone!

No more pain in neck and arms.

Since using the Salvum, Guadalupe’s life has changed dramatically.

She used to wear a strap around her arm and in her mouth to move her arm for most of her life. She suffered from neck, arm and teeth pain. With the Salvum, Guadalupe has gained more independence and freedom from pain. The Salvum has helped her do things that she never thought were possible like eating and typing at the same time, or chewing gum.

Getting my independence back.

Meet Joseph, a young man with a passion for life.

Despite having Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Seph has never let that stop him from pursuing his dreams. With the help of the Salvum Dynamic Arm Support, Joseph can now accomplish daily life tasks that were once impossible for him. This amazing device has given him back his independence and allowed him to live life on his own terms.

The Salvum has made my self-confidence grow.

Hear from Paula,

Who is living with Acute Flaccid Myelitis, and uses the Salvum  to gain not only independence, but “a degree of dignity.” She speaks about how the Salvum transformed not only her activities of daily living, but also her own confidence and feelings of social connection.