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Combining the Edero with our VR therapy system CUREO gives our patients full access to our therapy programs, which contributes significantly to their therapeutic progress.

With our VR therapy system CUREO, we support patients in motoric and cognitive therapy, for example after a stroke.

If a patient is not (yet) able to move their arm independently, they are automatically excluded from many of our programs. The collaboration with Edero closes precisely this gap and gives our patients full access to CUREO, thereby greatly supporting therapeutic progress. Thanks to the clean design and the easy assembly CUREO and Edero complement each other perfectly and contribute to revolutionizing therapy.

Movements realised with the help of the support are particularly appreciated from the patients and the therapists.

Armon Edero is use in neuro-motor rehabilitation field in combination of Gloreha devices that are equipped with two dynamic arm supports that allow the patient to move the upper limb with no gravity.

The compensation level is easily calibrated according to the weight of the arm and the residual control and movements abilities of the patient (12 level of compensation are available). Arm supports allow widening the work area during reaching exercises and are therefore particularly useful during the training of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The introduction of a weight compensator for the upper limb improves the quality of movements, reduce patient effort and allows an increase in the number of repetitions of the motor task. Edero support is particularly lightweight and comfortable.

It takes less than two minutes to start the training and thus the step towards more mobility.

The training surface of the REAtouch from Axinesis can be used to train situations that require mobility in everyday life at home.

In a training session with the REAtouch, the helparm Edero from Armon Products has shown its ease of use and flexibility. With just a few simple steps, it can be mounted in the right position and set with the right resistance for the patient so that the arm can be moved weightlessly. The precisely fitting suspension makes it possible to safely put down the affected arm and use the remaining activity. Our impression of the Edero: The Edero is made for the home environment: The simple assembly, the small space, the high-quality workmanship and the large range of motion allow more freedom of movement and independence for the affected person and their relatives.

Matthias Horr, CEO Healthtechtransfer

Edero is so far one of the most portable yet durable arm support we have ever used.

Jane Wang, CEO at Roceso Technologies

Roceso has been integrating Armon Edero Arm Support with our EsoGLOVE Pro Hand Rehabilitation System to offer arm weight compensation for our users.  It is very flexible for users because of the modular components and various sizes and designs of braces. We highly recommend Edero Arm Support for both rehabilitation and assistive usages for patients with upper limb impairments.

Armon products are a path to self-sufficiency for many people.

Zuzana Gregorova OT, from Centrum Paraple Czech Republique