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What is an arm support?

A dynamic arm support is a device that supports your arm’s natural movements. It makes your arm weightless and allows you to move independently. You can reach, grab and lift without fatigue or strain on the arm, shoulder and neck.

How can it help you?

The use of an arm support minimalizes the required strength and effort to move and use your arm; making everyday activities, work, and rehabilitation less difficult and exhausting.

How does it work?

Our products compensate the weight of your arms, making them feel weightless. The degree of support can be adjusted to your situation. You can choose from a range of arm supports, with different functionalities, adjusted to your specific needs. You are in control and you make the movements.

For who?


For some people it is difficult to move or lift their arms due to a lack of muscle strength. This can be the result of, for example, a muscular disease, neurological disorder, rheumatism or spinal cord injury. Our products make your arm weightless, so you can move them independently again. They can also reduce tremors, by providing rest to the muscles.


Many occupations require repetitive movements during work. This can lead to physical complaints of the arms, back, shoulders and neck (RSI). An arm support relieves stress on these body parts by reducing physical strain.


People may suffer from limited coordination and strength as a result of a neurological or orthopedic injury. A dynamic arm support helps to accelerate the rehab process and eases the therapy session for both the patient as the therapist.

Arm supports

No person or situation is the same, therefore we have developed a range of arm supports so we can provide you with the best solution.









We provide mounting solutions for every situation, customized to your needs.

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