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Important to be able to work in the correct posture

Ilona has no longer shoulder problems

As a dental hygienist, working with good ergonomics is quite difficult, so I have had shoulder problems for years. The Edero gives a lot of relief with this. Your arms are supported by the braces, which gives a lot of relief. They move smoothly with your movements.

Very convenient to use the arm support in both sitting and standing position

After an intensive search, I found the Edero

My name is Rob de Smit, I have been working at Ottobock for several years. Here I am working on prosthetics. I do this with a lot of pleasure, but after a while I started to notice that my shoulder was bothering me. This was probably due to the force required to use different equipment for a long time with precision. While looking for a solution to solve this problem together with my employer. We ended up at Armon products. Together we started looking at what best suited my work and the prevention of my complaints. Armon advised to use the Edero. This arm support is attached to my work table. This way I can use it both sitting and standing. Using the Edero has ensured that the complaints I had in my shoulder have disappeared. I now work with the Edero at Ottobock with great pleasure and without complaints.

So good, they’re almost like cheating.

Paul, hair transplant Surgeon in Norway

Doing hair transplant surgery can be hard. It often involves being stuck in the same position- arms extended- doing finicky work for hours on end. No wonder then that many in the industry complain of head, neck and shoulder pain. As did I, before…Before that is I got myself two Armon arms. Nowadays…what do I feel after ten hours of near continuous operating.? Nothing at all! well, if pressed I would say I felt nice and relaxed in the head, neck and shoulder area. Decidedly more so than even a day not spent operating…

Thing is these arms simply take away any strain one might possibly feel in the head, neck and shoulder region. I wholeheartedly and without any reserve whatsoever would recommend these Armon products to anyone dealing with Static precision work like mine. Any kind of surgeon dealing with long operations will love them. Especially those of us who must operate with the arms more or less extended should consider them. Specialists in fields like dentistry, ENT, Neurosurgery etc. would surely experience the same benefits I have. 

I wouldn’t know what to do without it

My name is Wilco de Weerd. For years now I am an employee at Royaal Leerdam. I work in production and my work mostly concerns the polishing of Molds. Although I really enjoy my work, the process is all done by hand and doing this for extended periods of time resulted in some physical problems. The work was quite heavy on the arms and neck, and a solution was needed. Thankfully this was taken serious and it became obvious I would need an arm support to stop my situation from worsening. After several try outs the Edero arm support from Armon Products turned out to be the best for me. A set of Edero’s was mounted on my chair, and soon after I already noticed a big improvement. My physical complaints stopped getting worse and even improved allowing me to continue my work without any pain.

The Edero has become a vital tool, and I wouldn’t know what to do without it.