The Edero is a compact, easy to use, and lightweight dynamic arm support.


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The Edero is a compact, easy to use, and lightweight dynamic arm support. It defies gravity and makes your arm feel weightless. The Edero can be used by different user groups.

Move naturally, free and independent

The Edero arm support is a mechanical arm support. This means it has no electronics, cables or batteries. It has an adjustable spring compensation mechanism to make your arm feel weightless. It follows and supports your natural movements, horizontally and vertically.

Using the Edero enables you to instantly reclaim the ability to do daily activities such as eating and drinking, brushing your hair and teeth, reading a magazine, working on a computer, and so much more.

Solution for every situation

The Edero keeps your muscles and joints in motion. You maintain your energy and your strength, but most important, you maintain your independence. 

The compact and lightweight design of the Edero also makes it very suitable for children or paediatrics. 

With many different accessories and the option to make individual adaptations we can offer you a solution for every situation.

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Thanks to the Edero i can do many things that i had been unable to do for a long time

Emily tells us what the Edero means to her in her daily life.

I am not exaggerating when I say that from the first moment I started using the Edero my life was enriched. I have a progressive muscle disease. For some time, I could do practically nothing with my arms. Now I can do many things independently again. Because of my condition I can’t do many things that involve physical exertion, but still … I have been able to regain a lot of independence and freedom of movement thanks to my arm support and I am very grateful for that. I couldn’t live without it anymore. 

Frequently asked questions

When cleaning the outside of the Edero base and brace, we recommend using a clean damp cloth with lukewarm water and a non-abrasive liquid household cleaner.

This depends on your health insurance and the country you are in. The dealer in your country can provide you with the best information in this matter.

When the Edero is ordered at Armon Products, there is a delivery time of 5 working days to your dealer. (excluding the shipping days)

The Armon arm supports are covered by a 2-year warranty.

If you wish to order a separate part, this can be done through a dealer in your country. Please click here for a list of dealers.

If you experience problems with your dynamic arm support, we recommend you to contact your dealer.

There is no brake on the Edero arm support. However, there are several options to ‘park’ the Edero for when you are not using it. Your local dealer will be happy to discuss these options.

The Edero arm support is not an electric arm support, so it does not need electricity to function.

Edero + Table Clamp + Comfort Brace: 2.730 gram

Edero + Edero Brace: 1.800 gram

Complete Edero set in box: 3.400 gram

Looking for a dealer in your country? Please click here for a list of dealers.

Are you curious about the purchase cost of an Arm support? Please contact Armon.

Yes there is an Edero specially developed for children. Please inquire at your local dealer

If you are not sure whether a mobile arm support is suitable for you. Then contact us or a dealer, so we can provide you with the correct information.

If this is the case you can contact Armon. Then we will check the possibilities to help you in the best possible way

Arm supports and exoskeletons are devices that contribute to the free movement of the arms. The difference is that an arm support is not fully fixed to the body, but rather attached to a bracket on a stand, chair or wheelchair

It is most certainly possible to assemble your Edero at home there is a manual included with the product. However, should you still find it complicated it is wise to approach your dealer for assistance.

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We help people worldwide. This is how you get your arm support.

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After contacting a dealer, an appointment will be made for a free-of-charge assessment at your location. Together with your occupational therapist or another healthcare professional we will find the perfect arm support and setup for you. If there is no dealer in your country we will do our best to help you with all these steps ourselves.


Our dealer will submit the application for the arm support to the relevant authority. Depending on the reimbursement system in your country, a report from the occupational therapist or doctor may be required.


If your local authority has approved the application our dealer will contact you for an appointment for the installation. All details will be carefully discussed with you prior to the installation.


We understand how important our products are for you. That’s why we have a high level of service and a quick response time. Even after the purchase you can count on us.

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