Assistive arm supports are used by people with limited arm function on a daily basis, to perform daily activities.

Assistive arm supports are used by people with limited arm function on a daily basis, to perform daily activities.

It gives me a lot more freedom, independence and confidence.

Bianca tells us what our products mean to her in her daily life.

My arms are so weak that I can hardly move them around, let alone lift them up. The Armon came as a lifesaver, I used up all the tricks, I couldn’t eat for myself anymore. But the Armon made me independent again. Eating and drinking but also simple things like turning over the pages of a book, making a phone call, or getting prints out of the printer. I have a little nephew now and I can feed him, instead of the other way around! The Armon really makes my life better.

Just.... lifting, grabbing and reaching

A simple movement can be a challenge for some, due to a lack of muscular strength. This can be the result of, for example, a muscular disease, a neurological disorder, a spinal cord injury or rheumatism. With the use of our arm supports, performing daily activities becomes possible again, without experiencing strain on the muscles and fatiguing.

Eating & drinking

We take our meals several times a day. Our products have a unique mechanism that makes your arm weightless. Using your remaining strength and our dynamic arm support you can eat and drink independently again with little effort.

Personal care

Brushing teeth, combing hair, washing your face, all activities that are part of your personal care. How nice when you can do all that yourself again, without help from someone else.


What a great thing freedom is. Freedom to make your own choices in daily life. So is the choice to live your life independently. The movement of your arms has a great impact on your freedom. Our arm supports will help you to regain your freedom and independence.

Safety first

When you become less dependent on third parties and more self-reliant, personal safety is of great importance. Think of a situation where you quickly need your phone to call someone, or to open or close a door. Arm supports can also help you in important situations.

Other benefits

There are associated physical benefits of using dynamic arm supports such as maintaining arm movement and residual strength, alongside psychological benefits such as greater independence, dignity and improved social interaction. It can also can reduce tremors by providing rest to the muscles.

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Assistive arm supports

Because no person and situation are the same, we have developed a range of arm supports so we can provide you with the best solution.