The Elemento is a powered arm support which allows you to manipulate movements


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The Elemento is a powered arm support which allows you to manipulate movements

Overcome upper body limitations

Movements of the upper body can be challenging for some, due to a lack of muscular strength. This can be the result of, for example, a neurological disorder, a muscular disease, rheumatism or a spinal cord injury. The Elemento is designed to help people with upper body limitations, to carry out everyday tasks themselves.

This powered mobile arm support compensates the weight of your arm, making it feel weightless. Moving your arm costs little effort and strength, preventing strain on the muscles and fatiguing.

Perform hobbies and everyday tasks

The Elemento is designed to support your arm’s natural movements. You make all the movements yourself, using your remaining strength. The two-button controller allows you to adjust the compensating force whenever you want, giving you that extra help if you need to lift something.

The Elemento is easy to integrate on a wheelchair, so you can take it with you and use it all day long. Performing hobbies and daily living activities become possible again, making you independent and self-reliant.

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The Elemento allows me to do activities that other people take for granted and it gives me my dignity back

How Chrystal obtained the Elemento.

Chrystal is a vivacious and bubbly 20-year-old with huge ambitions. Soon going to University to study Counseling and Psychology. Chrystal was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Then Chrystal discovered the Armon Elemento. To obtain the product Chrystal had to explain that it would enable her to independently eat, drink, brush her hair, put on makeup, work on a tablet, clean her teeth, all of which reduces the amount of care she requires. Not only has Chrystal regained her dignity, she uses the Elemento all day long for so many things.

Frequently asked questions

This depends on your health insurance and the country you are in. The dealer in your country can provide you with the best information in this matter.

Looking for a dealer in your country? Please click here for a list of dealers.

When the Elemento is ordered at Armon Products, there is a delivery time of 5 working days to your dealer.

The Armon arm supports are covered by a 2-year warranty.

You need 24 Volt for the Elemento arm support.

The Elemento mobile arm support weighs 6.200 gram.

Are you curious about the purchase cost of an Arm support? Please contact Armon.

If you wish to order a separate part, this can be done through a dealer in your country. Please click here for a list of dealers.

If you experience problems with your dynamic arm support, we recommend you to contact your dealer.

Looking for a dealer in your country? Please click here for a list of dealers.

Yes, there is an Edero specially developed for children. Please inquire at your local dealer.

The installation of the Elemento should only be done by qualified and trained specialists. These Armon dealers will receive a certificate after completing the training. To guarantee the quality of the installation of the Elemento and the individual brackets, annual training takes place to ensure correct use and complete safety for the user.

If this is the case you can contact Armon. Then we will check the possibilities to help you in the best possible way.

Arm supports and exoskeletons are devices that contribute to the free movement of the arms. The difference is that an arm support is not fully fixed to the body, but rather attached to a bracket on a stand, chair or wheelchair.

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After contacting a dealer, an appointment will be made for a free-of-charge assessment at your location. Together with your occupational therapist or another healthcare professional we will find the perfect arm support and setup for you. If there is no dealer in your country we will do our best to help you with all these steps ourselves.


Our dealer will submit the application for the arm support to the relevant authority. Depending on the reimbursement system in your country, a report from the occupational therapist or doctor may be required.


If your local authority has approved the application our dealer will contact you for an appointment for the installation. All details will be carefully discussed with you prior to the installation.


We understand how important our products are for you. That’s why we have a high level of service and a quick response time. Even after the purchase you can count on us.