Ergonomic arm supports are used to reduce physical complaints during work.

Ergonomic arm supports are used to reduce physical complaints during work.

So good, they’re almost like cheating.

Paul tells us how he enjoys his work again without experiencing pain.

Doing hair transplant surgery can be hard. It often involves being stuck in the same position, with extended arms, doing finicky work for hours on end. No wonder then that many in the industry complain of head, neck and shoulder pain. As did I, before I got myself two Armon arms. Nowadays… what do I feel after ten hours of continuous operating? Nothing at all! These arms simply take away any strain one might possibly feel. I wholeheartedly recommend these arm supports to anyone dealing with static precision work like mine. Paul van Buren, cosmetic doctor, Norway

Many people make repetitive movements during work. These repeating actions can lead to physical complaints of the hands, arms, back, shoulders and neck. Also known as Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), Complaints of the Arm Neck Shoulder (CANS) or Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS).

The Armon Edero arm support makes your arm weightless and relieves the body, without restricting your freedom of movement. They are used preventively and curatively.

Reduces physical workload

We minimize the amount of tension or strain on your muscles and joints.

Improves your posture

By lifting the arms, we help to straighten your back and prevent rounded shoulders.

Reduces fatigue

You use less energy when you move your arms, so you are less tired.

Reduces physical workload

Absenteeism due to physical work stress can be prevented and even cured.

Work more precisely

With more energy and less strain on your muscles, you can work more precisely

Preserve energy for leisure

All the energy saved during work can be used afterwards for quality time.

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For industry

Do you often make repetitive movements during work? They can lead to repetitive strain injuries, like RSI and OOS. The Edero arm support makes your arms weightless and minimizes the physical workload. Muscle tension gets reduced, while productivity and your energy get a boost.


For medical professionals

Our arm supports take away the tension you might feel in your back, shoulders, arms and neck while performing your medical profession. If your work includes long lasting surgeries or a static position with extended arms, our products can improve your physical wellbeing, accuracy and reduce fatigue.

At the office

Did you know that you spent at least 10 years of your working life in the office? Sitting in the office all day behind your computer can cause physical work complaints. RSI can become a serious hindrance during work but also in private time. Fortunately, our arm supports can prevent and even cure this.

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The Armon Edero will take away the physical strain created by repetitive movements.