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Armon Products - Arm Support

Welcome to the homepage of Armon Products arm support.
Armon Products, a registered brand of Microgravity Products B.V. is a leader in qualitative and advanced arm support devices.

Microgravity Products develops its own arm support products, and collaborates with institutions like the Delft University of Technology.

We offer a range of four arm support devices for different needs.


Mechanical arm support devices:

Armon Edero®                                                                      Armon Pura®


Armon Edero 2012 renderingkopie                                                Armon Pura 2012 Arm Support


Electric arm support devices:


Armon Elemento®                                                                 Armon Ayura®

Elemento 2012 Arm Support                                                           Ayura 2011 Arm Support


Armon arm support products distinguish itself from other products because of the functionality and design.

Our three core values emphasize the following: functionality, innovation and durability.

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