The Edero is a compact, easy to use, dynamic arm support that reduces physical complaints.


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The Edero is a compact, easy to use, and lightweight dynamic arm support. It defies gravity and makes your arm feel weightless. The Edero can be used by different user groups.

Takes away the physical workload

Making repetitive movements or a static posture during work can cause physical stress or Repetitive Strain Injuries.

The Edero arm support takes away the weight of your arms, relieving your back, shoulders, arms and neck.

The amount of support is easily adjustable to your needs. It follows you horizontally and vertically, without restricting your freedom of movement. 

Work accurately and boost productivity

Without the physical workload you can make movements easier. You can concentrate better and work more accurately. This will increase productivity.

The Edero also helps to improve your posture. By lifting the arms, we help to straighten your back and prevent rounded shoulders.

With your arms compensated, your using less energy to make movements. This reduces fatigue during work. Giving you more energy for leisure.

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Working without any physical complaints again!

Maurèl explains how the Edero relieves her body.

I’m an administrative assistant. I spent a lot of time behind my computer and laptop, both in the office and at home. Due to the static posture I started to suffer more and more from shoulder and neck complaints. My physiotherapist informed me about an arm support. I had not thought of this myself, but after a short trial, the Edero turned out to be the most suitable one for me. I found out that the Edero is very easy to assemble so I also use it when working at home. Very nice to work without any physical complaints!

Frequently asked questions

When cleaning the outside of the Edero base and brace, we recommend using a clean damp cloth with lukewarm water and a non-abrasive liquid household cleaner.

This depends on your health insurance and the country you are in. The dealer in your country can provide you with the best information in this matter.

When the Edero is ordered at Armon Products, there is a delivery time of 5 working days to your dealer. (excluding the shipping days)

The Armon arm supports are covered by a 2-year warranty.

If you wish to order a separate part, this can be done through a dealer in your country. Please click here for a list of dealers.

If you experience problems with your dynamic arm support, we recommend you to contact your dealer.

There is no brake on the Edero arm support. However, there are several options to ‘park’ the Edero for when you are not using it. Your local dealer will be happy to discuss these options.

The Edero arm support is not an electric arm support, so it does not need electricity to function.

Edero + Table Clamp + Comfort Brace: 2.730 gram

Edero + Edero Brace: 1.800 gram

Complete Edero set in box: 3.400 gram

Looking for a dealer in your country? Please click here for a list of dealers.

Are you curious about the purchase cost of an Arm support? Please contact Armon.

Yes there is an Edero specially developed for children. Please inquire at your local dealer

If you are not sure whether a mobile arm support is suitable for you. Then contact us or a dealer, so we can provide you with the correct information.

If this is the case you can contact Armon. Then we will check the possibilities to help you in the best possible way

Arm supports and exoskeletons are devices that contribute to the free movement of the arms. The difference is that an arm support is not fully fixed to the body, but rather attached to a bracket on a stand, chair or wheelchair

It is most certainly possible to assemble your Edero at home there is a manual included with the product. However, should you still find it complicated it is wise to approach your dealer for assistance.

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